Tom Stein is a leading branding consultant who works with hundreds of artists in the music and entertainment industry. His unique business model enables artists, musicians, sports figures and celebrity personalities to monetize their image.


By developing new brands for global promotion to niche markets.

His approach allows for an organic blossoming of branding strategies that fit. He initiates this through a series of brainstorming sessions around artist development.

Stein specializes in joint ventures in emerging markets. His projects include artist-branded video games, food, fashion, resort concepts, cultural tourism, educational programs, and more. He combines his project themes with charity tie-ins.

Tom's marketing expertise helps artists realize alternative revenue streams based on the power of their branded image. The result synergizes their career prospects through their gifts, talents and unique essences.

Why does Stein help individuals develop their personal brands?

It's all about expanding positive energy outward. He understands the principles behind developing premium images and brands, but understands that his purpose is to help others. Many of his brands include a charitable giving component.

Image carries weight. It always has. Stein understands this, and he works with artists to develop premium images that convey luxury, exclusivity and quality.

Nobody does what Tom does as he forges ahead to new horizons in luxury entertainment branding and artist development.

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